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Few months ago, I started developing cystic acne around my jawline and it would never subside or calm down. I switched to various face wash, creams and changed my entire skincare routine but it left me with utter disappointment, the acne would only get worse and not better. I tried few home remedies but I felt that was a disaster to my skin as I started developing fresh acne and my skin texture felt like it was ruptured. Therefore I finally decided to visit my aesthetic surgeon @fauziyadastagir and I explained to her about my experience with regards to acne.During my first visit with her , my face was filled with acne and I was literally in tears while explaining my condition to her. She made me calm down and kept me under treatment with her supervision, she was always there to see the progress during the treatment, she took care of me like her own baby and I am so grateful to have her by my side. Today it’s been a while and I am still under her treatment but I can see visible results. My skin is healing , acne are in control and I feel more confident and bold right now. I could have never thought of taking a selfie like this without any Makeup, this is my bare skin and I am literally not wearing any makeup. A big thanks to @kosmoderma
and @fauziyadastagir for their endless cooperation.

Acne can be caused due to various reasons, sometimes it’s genetic , or may be age factor and sometimes women also develop acne during pregnancy . It’s just a hormonal imbalance and has to be treated. Please get your acne treated and never go ahead with home remedies and salon facials, they are waste of time and money.

God bless you all and have a great day ahead.

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Hope everyone had a blissful and a safe diwali this year specially while we are going through a pandemic. This year for diwali, I wasn’t sure about my outfit and my entire look , until I saw this layered necklace at @aaranyarentaljewellery . The moment me and my mom spotted this necklace , the first thing that crossed our heads was the Mughal inspired jewelry by @sabyasachijewelry . I have always admired @sabyasachijewelry for their intricate designs and for their perfect blend of modern and contemporary while keeping the traditions alive. My mom knows how much I love Mughal jewelry specially for their antique and royal look and for their craftsmanship. As a teenager , I had watched Jodha Akbar movie several times specially for their Mughal jewelry, I would give attention to every detailing while watching the movie, let it be their costumes,makeup and most important the jewelry. The Mughal jewelry gives a royal touch without making the jewelry look too blingy. Therefore this layered necklace is a perfect blend of modern and traditional , specially the pearls in the jewelry creates a statement and compliments the entire necklace. Hence I wanted to complete my entire look with this layered necklace and I am totally flattered by the compliments I have received on my dm , comments and on whatsapp.

Thank you so much everyone. Your love and blessings means a lot to me and I totally enjoyed this year diwali with my loved one’s and with my family. Yet to enjoy diwali with my friends too, certainly looking forward for that 壟.

Love you all so very much, wishing you all a prosperous year ahead ❤️

MUAH & Styling: @ginihairandmakeup
Jewelry: @aaranyarentaljewellery
Picture Courtesy: @vinaychatrani

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La Shield-Sunscreen gel SPF 40

La shield is an Indian brand and is very well known for their range of sunscreen. They also offer anti pollution gel based sunscreen with SPF 50.The fastest and advised by the dermatologist is the La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40.

La Shield sunscreen gel is fortified with SPF 40 and it offers a broad spectrum protection against both ultraviolet A(UVA) and ultraviolet B(UVB) rays.The sunscreen is very skin friendly and doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin and its free from any kind of chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, color additives and fragrance.

This sunscreen doesn’t clog on to the pores and doesn’t cause any stickiness to the skin. This sunscreen is definitely recommended during harsh summers where the rays of the sun would penetrate and damage the skin.

Why sunscreens are essential?

Our skin is very sensitive and it needs protection from the harmful rays coming from the sun specially during the harsh summers, therefore it is mandatory to apply sunscreen as per skin types just 30 minutes before stepping out of the house. The sunscreen should go deeper into the skin and settle down into skin and create a shield against the sun, this process takes 25-30minutes, therefore it is advisable to apply sunscreen well in advance before stepping out of the house.

What happens when we don’t use a sunscreen?

Sunscreen plays a vital role in protecting the skin, however by not applying a sunscreen can cause various damages to skin. The skin can suffer from pigmentation, breakouts,sunburn and suntan. This is because the texture of the skin is disturbed by the harmful rays from the sun. Therefore using the right sunscreen will always save your skin from the damages caused by the sun.


This sunscreen comes in a 60g tube and a small amount is needed for the entire face and neck can last upto 2-3months and it is priced at Rs.730/- for 60g. It is slightly expensive but no compromises on the skin, specially a city which has harsh summers and pollution, this is suitable for oily and combination skin because the texture of sunscreen is very smooth like butter and it spreads evenly on the face and neck, it mattifies the face quickly and locks the oil on the face and creates a shield against the sun rays, It is oil free and it is dermatologically tested therefore the sunscreen doesn’t clog on to the pores and neither the dirt settles on the pores.

Gel based texture and spreads like butter on the skin.

It is available on nykaa and it was delivered to me within 24 hours, also I would recommend la shield anti pollution sunscreen with SPF 50 for those who travel on daily basis and their skin is exposed to the sun.


After face wash, toning and moisturising, apply an appropriate amount on face, neck and other exposed area of the skin 30 mins before sun exposure.


Overall I am beyond satisfied with this sunscreen and a big thanks to nykaa for having all possible brands and providing a speedy delivery. It didn’t cause any irritation to my skin or any breakout. Those with oily and combination can go ahead with this sunscreen, also I will mention below few other sunscreen for different skin types. Please feel free to give your recommendations and suggestions, you can get in touch with through email at ginihairandmakeup@gmail.com.


Estee Lauder UV Protector SPF 50 – Good for dry skin.

Avene Day Protector UV SPF 30- Good for sensitive skin

Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50- Good for sensitive and oily skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra light Day defines sunscreen with SPF 50- Good for severe acne prone and oily skin.

The above mentioned sunscreen are available on nykaa.

Looking forward for your suggestions and recommendations.

Thanks and lots of love,

Gini Sachanandani

Our First Vlog

Few months ago I had started my treatment for cystic acne and with time it has almost healed and the scars are fading away, a zillion thanks to my best friend, childhood friend and now an Aesthetic Surgeon by profession. She has shown her magic on me and I am so awestruck with the results. We were actually on a phone call and discussing about my phase 2 treatment, and we decided on the spur of the moment to film a vlog and release it on my youtube channel, that way it would be helpful for all our viewers. A big thanks to my friend and to the entire @kosmoderma (Skin and hair clinic) team for being a part of the vlog and for being so supportive and cooperative. Since we have known each other for 23years , we have literally grown up in each other’s houses and we have fond memories to cherish. Words are less to describe how I am proud of her today and her accomplishments and I know she will never stop growing. It’s such a blessing to have friends who can stand by you during your difficult days like pillars. A friend in need is a friend indeed and my friends have actually proved it right, especially when I was emotionally tormented and devastated. Blessed are those who have friends like family and I am definitely blessed that way.

Click on the link below to watch the entire video on my youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Part 2 of the vlog will be released in few weeks.

Sending you all loads of love and blessings.

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Thanks & Best Regards,

Gini Sachanandani


After treating my cystic acne , now I can finally go back to my skincare and I can start pampering my skin once again. During the treatment, my skin was super sensitive therefore I was reluctant about using any skincare. Nevertheless, now I can use my favourite brands and follow a dedicated skincare regime.

I have been using these brands religiously for almost 2-3 years and haven’t faced any rash or allergy anytime. Considering my skin being so sensitive and I had combination skin, therefore I never had the thought of switching brands.

Previously I was using a toner with salicylic acid but later it reacted adversely on my skin leaving my skin with more breakouts, I have recently started using this toner from @laneige_us, It is enriched with milk and cream and gives the right amount of hydration. I have been using this for 3 weeks and haven’t witnessed any breakouts. It does the job of a toner and moisturiser and it plumps instantly with the right amount of hydration and it’s suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. While the treatment, my skin had changed and now my skin is little sensitive to normal skin and not oily anymore, therefore this toner works best for me because it is rich in milk and cream. As it claims, it refines the skin and leaves an instant glow. Click on the link below for further description.

SUNSCREEN: I have been using the sunscreen from @lashieldofficial for almost 2years now and I can totally attest that it is perfect for sensitive and combination skin since the texture is more like primer and spreads onto the skin effortlessly. Never felt my skin turning patchy and it doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s available on @mynykaa and it’s advisable to apply sunscreen 30minutes prior stepping outside the house. Click on the link below for further description.

WATER SLEEPING MASK: The water sleeping mask from @laneigeindia is my all time favourite and I use it before I hit the bed, I have tried various night cream and face oil, but nothing beats this gel based mask. I usually wake up to a beautiful glow in the morning and haven’t witnessed any breakouts. It’s perfect for sensitive and for combination skin. Been using this product for 3years.

LIP SLEEPING MASK: This is perfect for dry and flaky lips, along with the sleeping mask I have been using this too for 3years . It hydrates the lips overnight and treats flaky lips .

This skincare regime is suitable for sensitive and combination skin.

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The year 2020 will go down in the history and will always be remembered. Let’s not forget to be thankful to the universe for blessing us with good health and a wonderful family. During the lockdown, I almost felt demotivated as to how I’am going to shape up my career as a MUA and hairstylist, considering I have just kept my foot in the industry. But my mom never failed to lift up my confidence levels. She always taught me to be thankful for what we have rather than focussing on what is missing. And I don’t think I ‘am missing on anything, my work has just started and so far it is going way beyond than expected. I have a family who believes in living life to the fullest and I don’t have the burden of loans, EMI or rent. Basically I’am blessed beyond one can imagine. However, I had major plans of celebrating my birthday this year , nevertheless it ended in a very simple way with my childhood friends and I had my best time with them. And who doesn’t enjoy the company of childhood friends? They know each and every bit about you, they know your dark days and good days and after a point they are more than friends, they are basically a family which is growing every day with love and maturity. My friends have been with me for the last 23 years, and to this day it leaves me in astonishment that we are just 2 years away from the silver jubilee and now slowly our circle is extending. I still remember the day, when i first landed from Panama after my dad passed away. It was in the year 1997 when I first met my friends in school and I was completely devastated with the fact of settling down in India. I couldn’t accept the city and the country and I always wanted to go back, my childhood was disturbing and I used to have tears in my eyes before I could hit the bed, but thanks to my friends for lending their shoulder when I needed the most and not just them, but their families also treated me like their own daughter. We all have grown up with each others families and we have faced the high and lows of life together. We do come across a lot of people , some stay and some don’t and while they are few who just don’t deserve to stay. Few people just act very friendly on your face and stab you at the back, and when you catch them red handed, the next moment the just escape and disappear. Such people aren’t courteous, they will never understand the meaning of any relationship, they will never understand the pain one has gone through and yet stood resilient. Such people should be left to time and karma, always remain calm. Silence has a lot of answers and staying calm is blissful.

This time my birthday was all about spending quality time with my family and with my childhood friends. Couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to the universe for blessing me with such amazing souls in my life. They have always been there during the highs and lows of my life and I can totally count on them for the rest of my life. They are the reason I smile and rise even if I had gone through a dull day. My family and my friends are definitely my strong pillars, there have been fights as well but it is the love and faith that binds us all together. Any relationship without love and faith is a meaningless relationship.

Thank you so much for your endless love, Thank you so much for lending me your shoulders when I needed the most and thank you so much for standing strong during my hard days, days where I actually wanted to genuinely give up but without your love and support I wouldn’t have been the woman I am today and I am so proud of myself.

It is rightly said, a true color of a person will be seen during crisis. Everyone will laugh with you but you can only trust those who can wipe your tears.

Blessed to be loved by all of you and
I know I am God’s favourite 💯

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Shoes: @stevemadden
Jewelry: @accessorizeindiaofficial@carltonlondonindia
Nail lacquer: @kaybykatrina
Mua: @ginihairandmakeup

Sending you all loads of love and motivation. Stay blessed and stay positive.

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Throwback Memories – Mumbai

It was back in 2014 when I decided to pursue my higher studies in fashion in Mumbai -the city which is known as the hub for fashion. The course was designed for two years and I barely had time for anything, because my studies would keep me on my toes and I always had assignments, submissions and deadlines. Living in hostel in Mumbai taught me a lot and gave me exposure and strength to become invincible and an independent woman. Most of my relatives and other family members would always fill my mother’s head about the idea of getting me married but my mother always felt , marriage can wait where as career cannot and today I am so proud of the woman I have become today. I feel I have come a long and there is more waiting for me. Thanks to my mom , my family and my friends who stood by my side when I lived in Mumbai and dealing with my mood swings. Living in Mumbai wasn’t easy but obviously one can learn a lot , because the city is believed to be a busy city and everybody is busy with their routines. While studying fashion I always had a chance to be a part of the fashion shows happening around the city. Today I was just reminiscing my days in Mumbai and I all I could think of was fashion shows and the glamorous evenings with celebrities and media around.


While studying fashion , I developed interest in makeup and styling because makeup was a part of the curriculum and I was always fascinated with the idea of learning makeup from the best Makeup artist across Mumbai. After flying down to Chennai, I worked for few years before I decided to go on my own and become a freelance Makeup artist. Today it has been two years and the journey so far has been incredible. Not to deny, still there is long way ahead. I have had good and dark days, days where I actually repented on the idea of considering freelance Makeup Artist as my career. While I am still battling my own struggle, few of my fellow Makeup Artist were bold enough to ambush me on my face and told me that I shouldn’t address myself as a Makeup Artist, I was astonished and began to wonder their obnoxious statement. Who is anyone to decide on who we are? Who has given them the authority to actually pass such a statement? I have my certificates well in place and I certainly don’t stress on what others have to think about me. Everyone has their own struggle and they are battling pretty well. With integrity and hard work, one can reach the ladder to success. The best way to deal with such negative people is to ignore them to the fullest and not be affected by them. The world is ours and there are people who will acknowledge and appreciate our hard work and integrity. My mom always taught me to turn a deaf ear to such pointless statement and to never look back at them. Silence and ignorance is a bliss. Once you’ve mastered that, you will automatically start climbing the ladder to success. Today, we hear of so many well known successful people, and their journey has been a rocky path and not a bed of roses, even they were mocked by their seniors or family members, but they decided to focus on what is important rather than doubting on their skills. It is important to keep your goals fixed and never be shaky about your dreams. The struggling phase is always a bad phase but never doubt on your dreams and never apologise for dreaming big.

Sending you all loads of love and motivation. Stay blessed and stay positive.

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Hello everyone,

I have created this lovely blue smokey eyes for all of you. Please watch the step by step video on YouTube and don’t forget to follow me on instagram





I recently came across an article on the evolution of red lipstick and I was inspired by the history therefore I was motivated to share my thoughts here on WordPress. Recently I created a vintage inspired makeup and hair on Instagram and to complete the look I went ahead with the Bold Red Lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury in the shade red carpet red.



It was back in 1912, thousands of supporters of the suffrage movement marched past the New York salon of Elizabeth Arden, the brand founder who just initiated her makeup and beauty business two years earlier. She was a supporter of women’s rights and she would handover tubes of bright red lipstick to the marching women. The marching women loved the red lipstick and adopted as a sign of rebellion and liberation.

Throughout the centuries the red lipstick has been used by the elite in ancient Egypt, Sex workers in ancient Greece and by the Hollywood celebrities as a symbol of glamour. Sometimes red lipstick was seen as a sign of commingling with the devil. The makeup was associated with mysterious & frightening.

As women’s rights movement spread across the other side of the globe and this solidarity extended to their makeup supporting the American counterparts. The British leaders favoured the red lipstick which became the symbolic gesture among the fellow activists. It was also Coco Chanel who introduced more streamlined silhouettes and the women were quick enough to drop the restrictive corsets for brassieres and that’s how they embodied the idea of “Modern Woman” in Europe and America. In the UK, taxes made the lipstick prohibitively expensive, women stained their lips with beet juice instead. Women would donned red lips to enter workforce and this showed their resilience in the face of the conflict and that’s how they would retain their identity.

In 1941 and for the duration of the war, red lipstick became mandatory for women who joined the US army. Beauty brands had invested on the war time trend and that is when Elizabeth Arden released her first shade in red lipstick under the name “Victory Red” which became popular worldwide.

Wearing Red Lipstick for a woman in that era was a symbol of self esteem and sense of feminine and resilient.

This beautiful history motivated me in creating a vintage inspired look and I wanted to share my thoughts here on WordPress. Be proud of who you are and be resilient.

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My Skincare Regime

Following a dedicated skincare regime is truly essential in order to maintain the skin elasticity and the natural glow. Therefore it’s mandatory to understand your skin type and select products wisely. Never get flattered by the packaging of the product or by its fame, instead read the product description thoroughly, understand the composition, content and contemplate with other brands and make sure if it’s best suited for your skin. These days reading online reviews has helped us a lot.

Hence I have decided to share my skincare regime to those who have oily and combination skin. I have a combination and oily skin and I had horrifying acnes during my teens, which is why I had low self esteem and I was very conscious in going in front of anyone, because the very first question they would ask me is about my acnes. I would have nothing to reply and I used to wonder in my head why God cursed me with terrible acne?

Acne are usually genetic and it also happens due hormonal imbalances. Acne can occur during any phase in life, sometimes pregnant woman also suffer from acne due to drastic changes in hormones. Hence following a proper skincare regime is a must. Drinking loads of water can actually help in maintaining the skin elasticity and it also promotes good hair growth.

Apart from the above mentioned it’s essential to use the right product for acne. Here are the list of products that I use for my oily to combination skin.

Any face wash with a Salicylic Acid would be blessing for a acne prone skin. It gently removes the excess oil and maintains the sebum level.

Aloe Vera Gel mixed with Tea Tree Oil is a perfect skincare for treating blemishes and scars. It also helps in shrinking the pore size.

Choosing the right toner is highly recommended otherwise the skin can have rashes and redness. Currently I am beyond satisfied with the toner from Innisfree. Read my previous blog on Innisfree Bija Trouble Skin.

Face pack for acne skin.

There are many face pack and face mask offered outside. But sometimes a face pack can be made at home with the ingredients available in our kitchen.

Fuller’s earth and gram flour are the best known for skin since ages, and history has proven from time to time that a blend of these two with rose water are very effective for acne prone skin and it leaves the face with a glow that lasts for more number of days.

This my skincare regime and I follow very diligently and with utmost dedication.

Feel free to share your thoughts and you can connect with me on Instagram or you can reach me out at my email address mentioned below.

Reach me at ginihairandmakeup@gmail.com

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Innisfree Bija Trouble Skin Toner

ABOUT THE BRAND: A promising brand from Korea with 100% natural beauty and is dedicated to share the clean and pure energy of nature thus giving a premium beauty and skincare products. It shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju, allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. The popularity of the brand has been recognised worldwide because the brand offers a wide range of sleeping masks, serums, toners, mists and face pack..

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & HIGHLIGHTS: This toner from Innisfree is infused with bija seed oil from Jeju island and salicylic acid which is perfect for oily to combination skin. Torreya seed oil helps to heal troubled skin. The natural salicylic acid is perfect for skin exfoliation and it heals blemishes. The naturally fermented alcohol soothes skin and the scent of pine, juniper and berries and other forest comforts your mind and body. It comes in a 200ml of bottle and it is priced at Rs.1100/-

HOW TO USE: After face wash, pour an appropriate amount of product on to the cotton pad and sweep over entire face, avoiding the eyes and lip area. It is a water based toner therefore it spreads easily on the skin and absorbs quickly.

MY THOUGHTS ON THE PRODUCT: I have always been skeptical when it comes to picking up a toner, considering my skin which is so sensitive and also I have a combination skin with mild pores , therefore this product could never go wrong because it is infused with natural salicylic acid which is a saviour for acne prone skin, hence without a shadow of a doubt just grab this toner and start using it regularly. I have been using this toner for than a month now and I can totally attest to whatever it claims. My acnes have gone down considerably and the size of the pores have also reduced. Thanks to Nykaa for introducing this brand to our country.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and reviews in the comment box below or you can reach me at ginihairandmakeup@gmail.com and on instagram @ginihairandmakeup.

Thanks and have a blessed day ahead. Lots of love.

Gini Sachanandani

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