A well known brand from South Korea “Laneige” is known for their wide range of skin care and face sheets. They have delivered the best range of skincare to most of women across the globe and their products are skin friendly and worth every penny.

Laneige lip sleeping mask has become the talk of the town, with such great ingredients, one can never go wrong with Laneige.

Thanks to Nykaa for introducing all possible skincare brands to the Indian market.


A leave on lip sleeping mask that soothes and moisturises and has a softening balm texture that closely adhere to the lips.With a goodness of all berries it delivers a sweet and fragrant blend.With dedication and expertise in moisture research, Laneige has discovered the secrets of sparkling beauty from water and completed the water recipe for individual skin types.


The Laneige lip sleeping mask comes in a frosted glass tub with a plastic head.

SIZES: The Laneige lip sleeping mask comes in two different sizes. It is available in 8gms and it is priced at Rs.500/- and 20gms is priced at Rs.1150/-.

Currently I am using the 8gm lip mask which is priced at Rs.500/-

AVAILABILITY: The Laneige lip sleeping mask is available on Nykaa

TEXTURE: The texture is a bit thick and its in subtle pink, as the brand claims it creates a protective film to lock in the moisture for a smoother and more supple lips.

Texture of the lip mask


Before going to bed apply a small amount onto the lips and leave it overnight to see visible results in the morning.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK: I have always trusted Laneige and they have never disappointed me with their skincare products, after using the Laneige water sleeping mask, I decided to go ahead with the lip mask as I have very dry and flaky lips and lip balm doesn’t help, this lip mask acts like an exfoliator for smoother and supple lips, it also has a texture of a lip balm enriched with vitamin C and other antioxidants that acts quickly on dry and flaky lips specially during harsh summers, the active ingredient here is the hydro ion mineral water which works actively on the dry lips overnight. My lips have become softer and smoother, and I cannot sleep without Laneige water sleeping mask and lip mask, Laneige is actually putting me to sleep. Anyways, for those with flaky and dry lips, please don’t give a second thought, just go ahead and grab this amazing lip mask. Although it can’t be used like a lip balm during the day because of its thick consistency, therefore as the brand says, it has to be used in the night before going to bed.

Please feel free to give your suggestions in the comment box below or you can email me at ginihairandmakeup@gmail.com.

Lots Of Love,

Gini Sachanandani.


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