Coco Soul Revitalizing face wash

Coco Soul comes from the house of Marico, maker of the iconic brands Parachute and Saffola that have served the needs of innumerable consumers both in India and abroad. Their endeavour is to create a suite of solutions that will nourish the needs of thier consumers by providing them with the natural goodness that nature intended. The brand was named coco soul becuase coconut offers a gamut of benefits that range from brain development to improving digestive health to regulating metabolism.

Raw & Pure

The brand doesn’t believe in spoiling the goodness of a coconut through artificial means. Therefore their products are free from any form of preservatives, artificial colour or flavour that can harm you in any way.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A nature inspired products that is free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, silicones or any other kind of chemicals. Created with the ancient wisdom of ayurveda, coco soul has 100% organic virgin king coconut oil in its core. This face wash has been created with the goodness of organic virgin king coconut oil, neem and gotukola which acts as natural cleanser and is also skin friendly, it makes the skin appears renewed, radiant and rejuvenated.

ORGANIC VIRGIN KING COCONUT OIL: Contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and natural antioxidants, moisturises the skin and has anti-bacterial properties.

NEEM: Rich in vitamin E, packed with anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties.

GOTUKOLA: Fights wrinkles and sagging skin, tones and tightens the skin.

SIZE & AVAILABILITY: The face wash is available for 100gms and it is priced at Rs.359/-

TEXTURE: The texture is transparent gel like texture with a mild fragrance.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have been using this face wash since two weeks and i am not very satisfied with this face wash, i have oily skin therefore it doesn’t remove oil and dirt from my face, and i had breakouts, also it doesn’t have any chemicals therefore it doesn’t lather. This face wash is perfect for very dry skin and i wouldn’t recommend for oily and combination skin. Although i love coco soul for their natural ingredients and i am going to try their range of body lotion, but this face wash would show better results for dry skin or for women above 35 since it has natural ingredients that can fight wrinkles and fine lines and keep the skin hydrated.

Overall its a big NO for oily and combination skin. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Lots of Love,

Gini Sachanandani


Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask

A well known brand from South Korea “Laneige” is known for their wide range of skin care and face sheets. They have delivered the best range of skincare to most of women across the globe and their products are skin friendly and worth every penny.

Laneige lip sleeping mask has become the talk of the town, with such great ingredients, one can never go wrong with Laneige.

Thanks to Nykaa for introducing all possible skincare brands to the Indian market.


A leave on lip sleeping mask that soothes and moisturises and has a softening balm texture that closely adhere to the lips.With a goodness of all berries it delivers a sweet and fragrant blend.With dedication and expertise in moisture research, Laneige has discovered the secrets of sparkling beauty from water and completed the water recipe for individual skin types.


The Laneige lip sleeping mask comes in a frosted glass tub with a plastic head.

SIZES: The Laneige lip sleeping mask comes in two different sizes. It is available in 8gms and it is priced at Rs.500/- and 20gms is priced at Rs.1150/-.

Currently I am using the 8gm lip mask which is priced at Rs.500/-

AVAILABILITY: The Laneige lip sleeping mask is available on Nykaa

TEXTURE: The texture is a bit thick and its in subtle pink, as the brand claims it creates a protective film to lock in the moisture for a smoother and more supple lips.

Texture of the lip mask


Before going to bed apply a small amount onto the lips and leave it overnight to see visible results in the morning.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK: I have always trusted Laneige and they have never disappointed me with their skincare products, after using the Laneige water sleeping mask, I decided to go ahead with the lip mask as I have very dry and flaky lips and lip balm doesn’t help, this lip mask acts like an exfoliator for smoother and supple lips, it also has a texture of a lip balm enriched with vitamin C and other antioxidants that acts quickly on dry and flaky lips specially during harsh summers, the active ingredient here is the hydro ion mineral water which works actively on the dry lips overnight. My lips have become softer and smoother, and I cannot sleep without Laneige water sleeping mask and lip mask, Laneige is actually putting me to sleep. Anyways, for those with flaky and dry lips, please don’t give a second thought, just go ahead and grab this amazing lip mask. Although it can’t be used like a lip balm during the day because of its thick consistency, therefore as the brand says, it has to be used in the night before going to bed.

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Lots Of Love,

Gini Sachanandani.


La Shield-Sunscreen gel SPF 40

La shield is an Indian brand and is very well known for their range of sunscreen. They also offer anti pollution gel based sunscreen with SPF 50.The fastest and advised by the dermatologist is the La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40.

La Shield sunscreen gel is fortified with SPF 40 and it offers a broad spectrum protection against both ultraviolet A(UVA) and ultraviolet B(UVB) rays.The sunscreen is very skin friendly and doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin and its free from any kind of chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, color additives and fragrance.

This sunscreen doesn’t clog on to the pores and doesn’t cause any stickiness to the skin. This sunscreen is definitely recommended during harsh summers where the rays of the sun would penetrate and damage the skin.

Why sunscreens are essential?

Our skin is very sensitive and it needs protection from the harmful rays coming from the sun specially during the harsh summers, therefore it is mandatory to apply sunscreen as per skin types just 30 minutes before stepping out of the house. The sunscreen should go deeper into the skin and settle down into skin and create a shield against the sun, this process takes 25-30minutes, therefore it is advisable to apply sunscreen well in advance before stepping out of the house.

What happens when we don’t use a sunscreen?

Sunscreen plays a vital role in protecting the skin, however by not applying a sunscreen can cause various damages to skin. The skin can suffer from pigmentation, breakouts,sunburn and suntan. This is because the texture of the skin is disturbed by the harmful rays from the sun. Therefore using the right sunscreen will always save your skin from the damages caused by the sun.


This sunscreen comes in a 60g tube and a small amount is needed for the entire face and neck can last upto 2-3months and it is priced at Rs.730/- for 60g. It is slightly expensive but no compromises on the skin, specially a city which has harsh summers and pollution, this is suitable for oily and combination skin because the texture of sunscreen is very smooth like butter and it spreads evenly on the face and neck, it mattifies the face quickly and locks the oil on the face and creates a shield against the sun rays, It is oil free and it is dermatologically tested therefore the sunscreen doesn’t clog on to the pores and neither the dirt settles on the pores.

Gel based texture and spreads like butter on the skin.

It is available on nykaa and it was delivered to me within 24 hours, also I would recommend la shield anti pollution sunscreen with SPF 50 for those who travel on daily basis and their skin is exposed to the sun.


After face wash, toning and moisturising, apply an appropriate amount on face, neck and other exposed area of the skin 30 mins before sun exposure.


Overall I am beyond satisfied with this sunscreen and a big thanks to nykaa for having all possible brands and providing a speedy delivery. It didn’t cause any irritation to my skin or any breakout. Those with oily and combination can go ahead with this sunscreen, also I will mention below few other sunscreen for different skin types. Please feel free to give your recommendations and suggestions, you can get in touch with through email at


Estee Lauder UV Protector SPF 50 – Good for dry skin.

Avene Day Protector UV SPF 30- Good for sensitive skin

Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50- Good for sensitive and oily skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra light Day defines sunscreen with SPF 50- Good for severe acne prone and oily skin.

The above mentioned sunscreen are available on nykaa.

Looking forward for your suggestions and recommendations.

Thanks and lots of love,

Gini Sachanandani

Innisfree-Green Tea Balancing Skin Ex

A very well known South Korean brand created by Amore Pacific in 2000, Innisfree is naturalism-oriented and the brand name originated from W.B Yeats Poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”.

The Concept identity comes from “Jeju island”,the clean nature’s green energy.

Innisfree has the largest skincare and cosmetics stores globally and their slogan is “Clean Island, where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist happily”. The brand is eco-friendly and organic.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin is a liquid toner made with eco-friendly jeju green tea to moisturize the skin. It restores the skin’s natural balance. Green tea extracted from fresh green tea leaves harvested on Jeju island is rich in amino acids and minerals that leaves the skin moisturized.


The bottle comes in a transparent plastic green packaging and includes 200 ml of product.I have always loved the packaging of all Innisfree and Laneige skin care products. 



I honestly feel, it works wonders for combination skin because it has green tea extracts from Jeju island and the texture is a a bit thicker because of  water and gel based, which absorbs quickly into the skin without any stickiness, and it also has the scent of fresh green tea leaves which makes the skin feel rejuvenated. Also it has betaine which is a natural moisturising agent derived from amino acids which is best for oily and combination as it gives intense moisture and maintain the skin moisture balance. 


I have also used Jeju Volcanic pore toner from Innisfree, it does works wonders who have open pores and the texture is very smooth on skin, however our skin needs moisture, therefore Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin ex would be great for someone with pores and combination because it works on the pores and it also maintains the moisture level on the skin.



The texture of the Innisfree Green tea Balancing skin is transparent, water and gel based.


After face wash apply an appropriate amount onto the cleansed face, then gently smooth for better absorption.


It is priced at Rs.1200/- for 200 ml and it is available on nykaa. Nykaa also offers some exciting offers and free products from Innisfree.


Overall  I am totally satisfied with this product and i will definitely repurchase. Share your thoughts on the comment box below or you can email me at

Lots of Love,

Gini Sachanandani


Laneige is a well known skin care brand from South Korea, founded in 1994 by Amore Pacific. Korea has been a great market for skin care and their range of skin care has been very skin friendly with most of the Asian women. Brands like Innisfree, Face Shop and laneige have gained a lot of popularity worldwide. One of their most spoken and fast moving is the Laneige Water Sleeping mask.


A water based sleeping mask and the water here is called ‘hydro ionized mineral water”. Its an overnight mask with an aromatic scent that delivers intense amount of moisture to stressed and parched skin. As our skin is calm during the night, this sleeping mask has sleep-tox purifying effects and helps the skin relax during the night.


After face wash and toner gently apply a small amount of this product around your face and spread gently along the texture of your face using outward strokes. The moisture cream will absorb quickly into skin without feeling greasy or heavy.


I have a combination skin and I have pores on my face, after using this product for a month, I can see visible results on my face and I am totally satisfied with this product and I would definitely recommend to those who are looking for a good skin care regime. It has given a glow to my face and the pores are visibly reduced to some extent although I rub ice every time after my face wash because it helps in shrinking the pores. It doesn’t leave my skin oily and I don’t have any breakouts so far.


The texture is very light,creamy and it soaks quickly into the skin. It doesn’t leave any oily finish on the skin and it makes my skin feeling smoother and well hydrated.


Laneige water sleeping mask is priced at Rs.1850 for 70ml which is not expensive like the other skin care and it does last for good two months.